Luxury vinyl plank

For anyone who wishes to increase home equity values or renovate your existing house for posterity, one popular interior design trend today is mimicking vinyl floorings in wet areas.

Why vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring typically comes in six, nine, or 12-inch square tiles. It is water-resistant, stain resistant, and effortless to clean. Modern designers always recommend to homeowners "easy to clean" materials. It’s idle to argue the merits of that, especially when you compare it too high-maintenance flooring like carpets or parquet.

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The selling point of professionally installed vinyl flooring is its ability to mimic the look of other high-value materials like hardwood, granite, and marble. Hardwood floorings provide the best look for that traditional rustic feel. It goes well with other wood accents, furniture, and brick finish. The problem is the cost; hardwood flooring, including reclaimed wood, is expensive. We can use vinyl flooring with a wooden design pattern to complete the cabin look. Granite gives the best modern luxury look available today. It is also the most expensive per square foot area. Vinyl can also mimic the look of granite flooring cheaply. It is as durable as granite, and they are equally prone to scratches. The same could be said between mimic vinyl and marble. Marble is susceptible to stains, while vinyl is not. But laying vinyl over concrete may result in uniformity and smoothness problem. Installing a well-sanded plywood under-layer normally solves the issue.

How can we help?

Therefore, consulting a flooring expert like 123 Floors in San Diego is essential. Minor installation issues and imperfections become a source of damage over time. Vinyl tiles are susceptible to flaws that will become problematic if installed incorrectly. Luxurious floors always increase the equity value of a property. If you are renovating your home to live or flip, always consider having professionally installed mimic Vinyl flooring.