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Hardwood flooring is often a great option if you’re tired of your current flooring choice. If hardwood is in your future, turn to 1-2-3 Floor! We provide quality hardwood flooring services in San Diego, CA. Living Room of a Luxury Apartment — Hardwood Flooring Poway in San Diego, CA

How does hardwood differ from other flooring?

Hardwood is natural wood flooring. It is often cut from a specific tree. Common flooring choices include oak, cherry, or walnut. Hardwood often comes in planks of typical thicknesses or finishes. Hardwood differs from other wood floorings materials like engineered wood and laminate. Engineered wood is a combination of genuine wood atop ply planks. Laminate has a small layer of an image material that resembles wood over a few layers of fiber or plywood.

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Why do people choose hardwood?

While hardwood has many benefits, many people enjoy it because: It’s genuine: Real wood provides warmth, luxury, timeliness, and charm to your home. It’s long-lasting: Wood can be part of your home for a long time with the proper care. It’s healthier: Hardwood floors are suitable for indoor air quality, unlike other flooring materials that can trap dander or pollen. To discover why hardwood floors, suit your home, speak to us today.

How can we help?

We are committed to providing you with the best hardwood flooring. We can do this with our 30+ years of hardwood installation experience, fair and reasonable pricing, and various hardwood options that you can choose from. We know this is a significant investment for you, so we want to provide the quality service you deserve. If you want to learn more, see what hardwood flooring options we have below, or call us at (858) 484-0300 to speak to us directly. We also welcome any inquiries through ours.